Educational Assessment

The key to learning is finding a clear path from your present knowledge to the new information you want to learn.  To make that path easier, and to save time, Educational Assessments determine a user's present state of knowledge on a subject.  Based on that knowledge, artificial intelligence (AI) creates an educational path to guide the individual through the learning process.

Educational Assessments can focus on general knowledge to help an individual reach a certain level of education.  That can include grade level specific education for K through 12, or it can mean advanced levels of education like college degrees.  General knowledge assessment helps individuals determine their level of knowledge compared to others, so they can set goals for increasing their educational attainment.

In addition to increasing general knowledge, educational assessments can also be used to help an individual understand their level of knowledge on specific subjects.  That allows individuals to understand how informed they are on a subject, which helps them stay updated on subjects of importance to their work and their lives.  This is a feature can be used in the field of continuing education.

Educational Paths

Educational paths teach users new subjects.  Users choose subjects of interest and Educational AI searches the internet and sorts through the knowledge of humanity to create educational paths for those subjects.  Paths are customized to the users' interests and their assessed level of knowledge.  It's like having a personal educator - a researcher, teacher, and tutor - whose sole purpose is to make you smarter.

As users travel educational paths, the AI fills knowledge gaps by modifying the path based on user questions.  To make the learning path enjoyable and convenient, AI can format learning modules as downloadable text, audio, or video.  When a new learning path is created it is also archived and made available to others.  That creates a growing archive of educational content created automatically by AI.

As users explore learning paths, they can provide feedback on what they find relevant and irrelevant.  That trains the AI to better understand the user's interests, and it allow the AI to refine learning paths.  Questions, answers, highlights, and notes are all added to the education path, so other users can benefit from the supplemental (user added) content.

Educational Streams

Educational AI can be used to stay informed about subjects of interest that are covered in the media.  Users can enter subjects of interest into their Educational Streams.  The AI then searches the internet continuously for new post about the subject.  That allows the user to stay informed about specific subjects of interest.

To keep information flowing, Educational AI monitors magazines, journals, news outlets, and other sources of news media.  When new information is posted on a subject in an Educational Stream, the AI summarizes the content, fact checks it, and adds a summary to the user's educational feed.  When the user reads the summary, they can close that specific stream or tag it as interesting to keep the information flowing.

When a user requests additional information about a stream created by Educational AI, the artificial intelligence collects more information from the primary source and any related material.  That related material can include conversation threads, related articles, and new posts that reference the original content.  That allows users to explore topics along different paths that deepen their understanding of a subject.
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